Kiwi Cabs Dunedin

Kiwi Cabs is a Dunedin taxi service launched in 2018 to offer more affordable fares for Dunedin residents. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering low fixed rate prices. Our core business value is to offer our customers great service, affordability, and comfort.

We offer a transfer service to and from the airport. Our fixed-price $70 airport transfer is the cheapest in town and perfect for those wanting to avoid the hassle of shuttles.

Duendin airport shuttle

In January 2022 Kiwi Cabs started the Dunedin Airport Shuttles service. This was launched after a lot of demand for a cheaper transport option between the airport and the city. Our shuttles run 24/7 and are perfect for students and those looking for a comfortable and cheaper option.

Our drivers are highly trained and experienced drivers who have been in the industry for many years.